Centralized platform for all of your DME needs.


Skilled Nursing Features


The most reliable
DME network in the nation.

  • 93% of delivery orders are completed by our suppliers within 6 hours.

  • 99.8% of orders are completed issue-free without entering our QA Tracker.

Experience the benefits of EMR integrated online ordering.

  • Easily cross reference patient records between Synapse, EMR and Supplier systems.

  • 84% speed increase during creation of orders over manually entered patient records.

  • Realtime alerts for discharged rentals avoids lost equipment and helps keep rental costs down.


Industry leading reports and analytics.

  • Useful built-in reports such as Active Rentals, Invoice Trends, PPDs and more!

  • Actionable reporting proven to reduce your annual equipment spend up to 25%.

  • Data delivered right to your inbox - where you need it, when you need it.

Invoices made simple.

  • You pay one invoice, we pay all of your DME providers.

  • Powerful reconciliation tools ensures you are in sync with your DME invoice.


Hospice Features


Mobile friendly experience for easy on-site access.

EMR Integration streamlines workflow while providing accurate data.


Product approval alerts ensures you order the right equipment 100% of the time.

Real-time utilization reporting and PPD tracking.


You pay one invoice, we pay your entire network of DME suppliers.

DME Supplier Features


Online ordering which will keep your customers happy.

  • A simple ordering process which has been tailored to your products and industry.

  • Average 85% of SNF orders are entered directly into the portal. High level of compliance frees up your staff for more important tasks.


Smart inventory solutions on a platform connected to your clients.

  • Categories, descriptions and images present clearly understood products.

  • Get a total snapshot of current rentals tied directly to entered customer orders.

Integrated Dispatching and Delivery Tracking Solution

  • Mobile friendly experience with barcode scanning for drivers in the field.

  • Real-Time tracking and confirmations for your customers with electronic signatures.


End of month billing has never been easier.

  • Single-click invoice statement generation for payment management.

  • Industry leading billing and reconciliation technology linked to your orders and patient records.

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