Creating Dynamic Partnerships

February 6, 2019

There has been a lot of changes in the DBM world as of late. 



We have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and begin some great new partnerships with Operators and DME Vendors nationwide. For us, the most exciting part is working with Operators to create dynamic reporting; maximizing savings and time. With our new partnerships however, have come obstacles.

There are a few topics that continues to arise during our discovery and contractual stages with all of our partners – but specifically partners who have begun making the switch to Synapse from another DME software platform.


A few examples:

  • Long-term contracts with no cancellation clauses.

  • Hefty fines or unreasonable language allowing for change.

  • Exclusivity language that is un-fair and without limits.

  • Non-competes, even when a DBM is no longer servicing.

These types of barriers leaves operators to use specific DME vendors only, or face consequences, even if that vendor does not have items you need. Imagine wanting to make a change from a platform and vendor and having to switch out both. These tools and language aim to reduce competition and fairness to both the operators and vendors.


As a true third-party software, we wanted to take time to assure everyone, whether it's operators or DME vendors that these types of practices are not something Synapse utilizes. We pride ourselves on being fair to all sides and keeping lines of communication open. We understand that there are changes within this industry that happen and want everyone to have a great experience whether you choose us or not.


All the best,


Synapse PDI Team




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