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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dme hub compatible with electronic medical records (EMR) and/or electronic health records (EHR) software?

Yes. Synapse PDI can connect with existing EMR/EHR software to create better care coordination, information exchange and reconciliation efficiencies. 

Does Synapse PDI's network of providers handle in-service training and proper use of DME?

Yes. Synapse PDI prides itself on our network of providers and their standard of practice.

Does Synapse PDI's nework of providers offer per diem pricing?

For our Hospice partners, yes. Due to the utilization in skilled/post-acute care they provide daily rates.

Is staff training involved?

Synapse PDI will provide hands on and webinar training during the initial rollout. We also have account managers ready to help! Just request a training session on our contact page.

Will Synapse PDI work with our current providers?

Synapse PDI can work with any provider you currently work with.

How does contracting and invoicing work?

Synapse PDI handles all contracting and invoicing with DME providers. Our partners simply review their invoices each month to ensure charges for the previous month’s services are accurate and complete. Synapse PDI handles everything else.

Does your platform give real-time tracking details?

Our platform tracks DME at multiple key steps in the DME delivery schedule. From DME approval needed, DME accepted and Delivered. This works for orders, pickups and service requests.

If we work with multiple providers do we sort through the invoices?

Because all invoices come through Synapse PDI we handle the consolidation for you. Reconciliation has never been easier simply head to the portal and review invoices by patients in your communities.

Do you partner with GPO's?

We are happy to work with a GPO if possible. Part of a GPO and looking to partner? Reach out to

How can I request a demo?

You can contact us at